What do your B2B customers really want?

Well, they're still people, for a start. People don't burn with desire for cost-savings, or efficiency gains. They're lukewarm on features and indifferent to benefits. No one lies awake dreaming of competitive advantage.

What most people really want is for life to get a little easier; to have a problem solved, to feel less stressed and to have more time.

We market to people, not customers.

We discover what people find fascinating and beautiful, and then we help you connect with them by creating things they'll love.

From branding and content, to strategy and automation, we can help you build, strengthen and understand your relationships with the people you serve.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation delivers the tools and content required to develop a self-sustaining, pre-qualified sales pipeline.

"We needed to transition our business go to market from ‘sales lead’ to ‘marketing lead’. Influx implemented a marketing automation platform, built tools, content, research; for the first time we could clearly see the ROI of the investments we were making in our marketing and map those through the pipeline through to our top line revenue.

Working with Influx and engaging and submersing ourselves deeply in marketing has been the single most important transition we have made as a business over the past 10 years."

Peter Groucutt, Managing Director, Databarracks



Create the identity that fulfils your mission.

Content & design

Make beautiful, useful and relevant words, graphics, sounds, sites, prints, tools and games.

Digital strategy, PR & events

Get heard online, get seen on the ground.

Video & animation

Tell amazing stories about your brand, services and customers.